Effective Tips To Recover Deleted/Corrupted/Lost 3GP Files

Hello, I am Jack and I have some beautiful memories of my family and mine and all are saved in 3GP video format. Recently I was browsing those videos on my laptop and I have a terrible scene in front of me. I have seen that the 3GP Files in which my video was saved went lost and some of them are also corrupted as they are showing error messages on the screen. I have tried almost all the methods in order to recover and restore those lost and corrupted videos but was unable to do so. Those were the superb moments of mine and my family and if anybody here with an effective technique then please help me to get rid of this situation. Looking for an effective advice, Thanks in advance…

3GP File Recovery

3GP Files Overview

3GP File is the extension of a multimedia file saved in audio and video container format which was designed and developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The 3GP Files stores audio as well as video which is transmitted between the 3G mobile phone over the internet. In these 3GP Files, the quality of the video gets reduced which allows the mobile users to receive and share the videos more comfortably because the lower the size the more comfortable it to share. The 3GP was developed to catalyze the sharing of videos in 3G mobiles and it also supports the 2G and the newly launched 4G phones as well. The small size of the 3GP Files allows the quick sharing of the video contents on the internet and there are so many third-party tools in the market which gives superb effects to the videos as well.

The 3GP Files are the most common video formats in the market nowadays and it is because of its size which is comparatively low as compared to the mp4 and other similar file formats. These files are the best option for the buddies to share video contents over the internet. (Social Media Sites, Chats, Offline Sharing)

How To Open 3GP Files?

There are so many third-party tools as well as some in-built tools with the operating system which is quite helpful in opening the 3GP files in an easy and efficient manner. We will talk about the tools in detail, so let’s get started:

For the Windows Operating System, there is some kind of tools which are written below and they help in opening the 3GP Files:

  1. File Viewer Plus
  2. Microsoft Windows Video
  3. VLC Media Player
  4. MXPlayer
  5. Windows Media Player
  6. MPlayer

For Apple Systems, we have the following list of programs which will be quite helpful in opening the 3GP Files in an easy and efficient manner:

  1. Apple Quick Time Player
  2. VLC Media Player
  3. MPlayer

For Linux Operating Systems, we have the following third-party tools which will be very helpful in opening the 3GP Files:

  1. MPlayer
  2. VLC Media Player

For the iOS Operating System, we have the tool:

  1. olimsoft OPlayer

As we all know that today there is a huge number of Android users and so we also have a list of tools which will help in opening the 3GP Files in an easy manner:

  1. File Viewer for Android
  2. MX Player
  3. MPlayer
  4. VLC Media Player and more.

The above-mentioned tools are very efficient in opening the 3GP Files in an easy manner. These tools are available online and can be downloaded from the internet.

Major Reasons Which Causes The Deletion/Corruption/Lost of 3GP Files:

There are so many reasons which are behind the deletion/corruption/lost of the 3GP Files and here we will highlight all those, so let’s get started:

  1. Broken or corrupted header files of the 3GP Files
  2. Interruption between the transfer process of the 3GP Files from one device to other.
  3. Accidental deletion of the 3GP Files.
  4. Incomplete transfer of the 3GP Files is a reason of corrupted video.
  5. Infection in the storage media when gets connected to the infected device.
  6. The bad sectors of the storage device are also the reason for the corruption of the  3GP Files.

The above are some of the most prominent and major reasons for the infection which leads to corruption/deletion/loss of 3GP Files from the system. It is highly recommended to fix these errors and infections because it may lead to the more and more loss of other files too.

Recover The Deleted/Corrupted/Lost 3GP Files

If you find that almost all of your 3GP Files went missing or corrupted, then you don’t have to get panic. If you have a backup of those 3GP Files then it’s OK, but if you don’t have that, then we have a pro-tip by which you can recover the deleted/corrupted/lost 3GP Files.

The pro-tip is related to a powerful software which is known as 3GP File Recovery Software. This tool is quite superb and capable of recovering and restoring any kind of deleted/corrupted/lost 3GP Files and all in some effective clicks. The 3GP File Recovery Software is a user-friendly tool with an easy graphical user interface which can be executed by anyone and it doesn’t need a geek level advance knowledge.

Key Features Of The 3GP File Recovery Software

  • Easy to download and easy to install tool.
  • Superb and easy graphical user interface.
  • Can be handled by anyone.
  • Deep scanning technique of 3GP File Recovery Software digs deep in order to find the corrupted 3GP Files.
  • Find all the files which are missing and corrupted.
  • Simple clicks needed to restore and recover the data.
  • Rescues files from the system, portable hard drives, and other storage devices.
  • This powerful 3GP File Recovery Software supports FAT16, FAT 32, ExFAT, NTFS, ReFS file systems.
  • This recovery tool is compatible with almost all the versions of the Windows Operating Systems.
  • This 3GP File Recovery Software easily recovers 3GP video files from Android, Windows, iOS and Mac Operating Systems.

The 3GP File Recovery Software is a tremendous tool and below we have the download button of the tool. You can easily download and install the tool and the step-by-step instructions willmake your overall process so easy.

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