Easy Method to Repair Corrupted Videos from iPhone

Yesterday, i was watching videos on my iPhone in low battery. Suddenly, my phone unexpectedly turned off. After sometime, when i reboot my phone then i noticed that most of the videos have become inaccessible. When i tried to view them, lots of error message appeared on the screen. I want those videos back. Is there any powerful method to recover the damaged videos from iPhone? All the suggestions will be highly appreciated.

iPhone is the most popular smart phone available in the market which will enhance your experience of using mobile phones. It comes with several advanced features like camera, Internet, video player etc. You can easily record HD videos with MOV file format in the phone. As you know, accidents can happen at any time with the users which led to data loss situation. Many users notice that the MOV videos of their phone have become inaccessible and generate error messages. It may happen due to several reasons.

Common Reason for Damage of MOV Video Files:-

Corruption in header: It may happen when the user closes the video abruptly. This reason will affect the video severely and you will not be able to play it.

Improper Download of MOV Video: Video can also gets corrupted due to interruption such as slow Internet connection and freezing of the iPhone while downloading the file.

Ejecting the Device during Data Transfer: It is one of the common reasons of data damage. Many times, users accidentally eject the data cable while transferring the file.

Virus or Spyware Attack: Once the phone gets attacked by harmful virus, you will not be able to view your important MOV files.

Accidental Deletion: Many times user deletes the important video files when they attempt to remove the unusual data.

Once the MOV files gets damaged or deleted, it will start to display unwanted error messages on the screen which is extremely annoying. Some of the popular warning alerts are mentioned below:-

  • MOV video is not supported.
  • Unable to play the MOV file.
  • Do you want to format the memory card?
  • Selected MOV file does not exist in the memory.
  • Cannot access video file.

If you are completely fed up with such error messages and looking for the effective steps to restore your damaged or corrupted videos then you need to make use of MOV Recovery Software. It is an advanced tool which is capable to restore severely damaged or corrupted videos. Additionally, it can also use high level mechanisms and programming algorithms to recover deleted MOV videos files. The best part of the tool is that it does not change the quality of the image and carries ability to recover original file. Apart from MOV, it will also help you to get back videos of different format. Moreover, this tool is compatible with different versions of Windows and Mac operating system. Thus, do not make delay in downloading the tool if you want to get back your important video files in easy way.

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