Effective Methods To Recover Deleted & Corrupted FLV Files

Hello, I am George and I am a video editor. I have some videos which I have to edit and all those videos are in FLV Format. I opened my laptop and started browsing for those FLV files and an unexpected moment was waiting for me. I have found that all of those files are corrupted and deleted and an error message has been popped up on the screen. Those were the very important files and that’s why I tried so many methods in order to recover those videos but was unable to do so. I have to recover those videos as they were really very important for me. If anyone out there with an effective solution then please help to get rid of this situation and I will be so thankful for them. 

flv file recovery

FLV File Overview

FLV File stands for Flash Video, it is a kind of file with the FLV File extension which uses Adobe Air or Adobe Flash Player to transmit the video and audio over the internet. It is a container file format which is used to deliver the digital video content all across (For Ex: Movies, TV Shows, Youtube and etc.). This all happens over the internet and it uses Adobe Flash Player to do this. These are light video and are used widely for sharing on the internet and it is also a good option and alternative for other video file formats which uses plenty of sizes.

How FLV File Are Created

By using the popular Adobe Flash, the webmasters are enabled to embed the vector images and animations with quality audio and full-length video. The creation of the FLV File s made possible by Adobe Flash. However, the creation of the FLV File is also made possible by using any third-party tool which can be easily available on the internet.  Any third-party video converter software can either convert a video to FLV format or can help in the creation of FLV files.

Once the flash video in FLV format has been created successfully, it can be then uploaded to the server and it uses a flash player software for the execution. These FLV files need Adobe Flash Player for the encoding. The FLV files have a huge role in opening the doors of watching videos on the web browsers. It is the most common online video viewing platform which is used on the internet today.

Uses Of FLV File Formats

There are so many important roles and uses of FLV files and we have a list of it. So, let’s have a look around them:

  • Flash videos are used for multi-purposes. For Ex: Movies, Online Presentations, Internet & Web Animations, Banners & etc.
  • Due to Flash Player Web Plugin, one can easily view video contents on the websites. It is reported that the Flash Files can be viewed by 90% of web visitors.
  • Small & easy to download.
  • Files can be viewed easily even in slow network connections.
  • Different types of video formats can be easily converted to FLV files
  • Attractive by the look and can engage the audiences who visit either on your website or your online store.

The above are the major benefits of the flash files. These advantages have an edge over others. Due to the Flash Player Plugin, these flash files are adopted by almost every website administrators who want to cater the video contents.

How To Open Flash Files (FLV)

To open the flash files om the web, there is a plugin available and is called as Flash Player Plugin. This plugin helps the audiences to watch the video contents in an easy and efficient manner. However, to open these flash files in an offline manner, you need to have a third-party tool which will help you in this.

Since these files are created by using Flash Video Exporter plugin which is included in the Adobe Animate. So it is confirmed that these flash files can be easily played by using this tool. However, some of the FLV players are VLC, Winamp, MPC-HC,  and etc. These tools can be easily downloaded through the internet.

Reasons Behind The Deletion/Corruption Of FLV Files

The FLV Files are equipped with so many superb features but it happens that sometimes, these flash files get deleted and corrupted due to several reasons. Here we have all those major reasons, so let’s have a look on to it.

  • Broken or corrupted header files of the FLV file.
  • Interruption or incomplete transfer of the FLV files from one device to another.
  • Accidental deletion of the flash file.
  • Malware infection on the device in which the flash files have been stored.
  • Infected storage media is also a reason for the deletion and corruption of flash files.
  • Bad sectors of the storage device is also a big reason for the corrupted FLV Files.

The above are some of the most prominent and major reasons for the deletion and corruption of the FLV files from the system or storage media. It is recommended to recover these files and it can be done by using the recovery method.

Solution To Recover Deleted/Corrupted FLV Files

There are so many manual methods as well as automatic methods which can help in recovering the deleted/corrupted FLV Files. However, the manual methods are not capable of doing recovery and they just consume time and are really complex.

To overcome this situation, there is a pro-tip which will help in the easy recovery of the lost or corrupted or deleted FLV Files. This pro-tip needs FLV File Recovery Software which is a very powerful software in recovering the lost and corrupted FLV Files. The FLV File Recovery Software is quite capable of recovering the lost and corrupted FLV Files in some easy and effective clicks.

Features Of FLV File Recovery Software

This tool is comprised of so many superb specs and features and below we have highlights of this software.

  • Recovers lost or corrupted or deleted FLV Files in some easy and effective clicks.
  • FLV File Recovery Software has a  superb graphical user interface which makes the user experience quite convenient.
  • Easy to download and easy to install.
  • Deep scanning feature digs out well to find the lost FLV Files.
  • A Step-By-Step guideline will make the whole process smooth and fine.
  • FLV File Recovery Software guides the user very well and it is outstanding for those users also who have less technical knowledge.

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