How To Get Back Corrupted, Deleted or Lost TOD Video Files In Simple Clicks

Have you deleted or lost your important .TOD files from your digital camcorders ? Have you detected the unexpected warning messages or alerts while opening files ? Are you unable to play these related videos on camcorders or other media players ? If your question is affirmative then don’t be worry. Here we will discuss about best recovery tools which helps to restore all deleted TOD videos from your camera.

TOD File

Get more information on TOD File format and its uses

These days, there are multiple brands of Sony camcorders, canon camcorders and Panasonic cameras which generally uses TOD video formats. It is identified as a kind of video file format which is generally used in different series of tape less video camcorders. Some of the camcorders uses .TOD video files which are known as a file extension of TOD videos. This video streaming format can be supported by JVC Everio, Canon camcorders, Sony and Panasonic camcorders. It is a standard video file format which is commonly used to store various files into compatible storage media. Every type if file has an individual name with three different characters that usually comes in forms of hexadecimal number.

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What are the several reasons for deletion or loss of TOD files ?

In some cases, your all valuable .TOD videos becomes inaccessible and useless due to frustrating reasons. Let’s discuss about the reasons which has been mentioned below :

  • Accidental deletion is one of the common reason. When you delete any of video files by pressing delete all or other wrong buttons then your all TOD video files gets lost.
  • If your camcorder’s storage media gets damaged due to file system error, malware attacks or spyware threats then it may lead to deletion of video files in the camera.
  • Recording high-definition videos even when your digital camera is showing low-battery notifications then in such ways you may encounter corruption of TOD video files.
  • While removing the memory card from the digital camera then it would lead the corruption video files from within the camera.
  • Due to other physical damages such as errors in read or write process, power failure, software malfunction and other hardware failure problems.
  • When JVC Everio Video file program gets frequently crashed.
  • Errors in hard disk or disk failure.
  • When the system is not responding.


What should you do if you are facing corruption or deletion of TOD files from camera

These all above mentioned data-loss scenarios are responsible for accidental deletion of TOD files from the camera. Now, one question arises in user’s mind, is it possible to get back or deleted video files from digital devices. Well, here good news is that, your can easily restore deleted files from camcorders or other portable devices. The main fact is that, when you delete any of the files from camera by mistakenly then it does not get deleted from camera’s memory card. In reality, it just remove the file name from the main index and then marks the free space through which you can freely insert new files on your digital camera. In such ways, it is highly recommended you to stop recording more videos using this camera. In order to avoid file loss problems, you need to apply TOD file recovery application which is usually available on both free as well as full activated version.

Lists of benefits and features provided by Video File Recovery software

There are lots of amazing features and benefits provided by TOD File Recovery software which allows you to repair broken, corrupted or disappeared video files from digital cameras. Some of the features are mentioned below :

  • This powerful application can easily fix broken or corrupted videos that gets lost during shoot, file transfer, editing, processing and converting from one to another format.
  • This utility uses fast, intuitive and easy to use interface, so it is very simple to use for especially camera users.
  • It is programmed with sophisticated algorithm or mechanism through which it instantly repairs broken TOD videos and other formats of video files.
  • This advance program is compatible with numerous version of Mac OS as well as Windows systems.
  • This tool is embedded with preview feature which allows you to identify the all recovered video files and its properties.

User Guide : Know how to use TOD File Recovery software to restore deleted or missing video files

  • The first method is that, you need to download Video File Recovery software and run it on your laptop or Windows system. Wait for a few seconds until the software gets installed on your system properly.
  • When the application is installed on your PC, open its main screen and follow the all procedures presents on the main screen.
  • In the main screen, you will see two different options such as Delete Video Recovery and Lost Video Recovery.
  • Now, select the primary option which depends on the TOD Video loss scenarios,
  • Select the drive or any desired media from where you want to recover files. Click on Start scan button to initiate the scanning process.
  • In next screen, the software will begin scanning the entire hard drive or storage media containing video files. After, it shows the lists of logical drives or volumes which are present in your system.
  • After, select the particular local volume or disk drive from which you need to restore and get back deleted videos and then click on Next option.
  • In such ways, this tool scans the entire internal drive and then shows all the restored TOD video files from your system. These files are listed in two different view such as Data view and File Type View.
  • Click on Preview option which allows you to preview of your deleted or disappeared TOD video files.
  • In last step, click on Save option which helps to save all video files at your specified location. Finally, when your all files are successfully repaired then close the program by clicking on cross option and then restart your system in safe mode.

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