Simple Guidelines To Recover Damaged and Unreliable WMV Files

Detailed Overview about WMV File Format

In today’s digital scenario, WMV is one of the popular digital video format. It is one of the reliable video compression format which is developed by Microsoft company. This kind of native format is easily compatible with numerous versions of Mac as well as Windows Operating Systems. It was firstly developed in 2001. It can use ‘. WMV’ as a normal file extension, so you can easily save your video files as a .WMV files. In some cases, it works as an in-built media player application which compatibles with multiple versions of Windows as well as Mac OS platforms. This specific file format is used for wide range of multimedia files such as musics, 3d animation, recorded video files and many others. In addition, WMV file extension is mainly used to save video files with high compression algorithm developed by technical experts. It is considered as video container format which is capable of holding video effects, pictures, subtitles, audio and texts. There are several brands of digital cameras, smart phones and other CCTV devices uses this specific video file format for recording high quality videos.


What are the common symptoms of damaged WMV files ?

In some cases, WMV video files are severely corrupted and damaged due to numerous frustrating circumstances. Here are the lists of common reasons that can delete, destroy and corrupt your important WMV file. Some of the points are discussed below :

  • While taking out the memory card from camera or any electronic device during read or write process.
  • Transferring photos from camera, smart phones to computer in low battery.
  • When the files are saved in intrusive sectors that can make inaccessible and unusable them.
  • When you change format of video file to another strange format that can result in damaging of video files.
  • Due to severe interruption while transferring series of WMV files from one to location to another.
  • Due to video header file corruption
  • Sometimes, your important files stored in camera, android phones and other devices gets accidentally damaged due to fault in devices.
  • While terminating the media player utility or programs through which your vital WMV files get suddenly damaged.
  • Turning off the smart phones or any electronic devices while file transferring process is going on.
  • Your vital media files gets also damaged and lost when attempt to play files in unauthorized and fake media player application.
  • Use of outdated or third party utility for converting the files from one to another format.
  • Due to malicious virus infection, fake programs and other suspicious data download, Virus infection is an annoying issue which cam delete your personal WMV files and make them entirely useless.
  • When try to convert the WMV file format to other format without reading appropriate steps. Here it is highly recommended to use authentic and genuine video converting tool.


How to avoid corruption of WMV files with manually ?

Here are a lot of manual procedures that helps to retrieves your WMV files and also prevents the video corruption issues. Some of the steps are classified below :

  • If you are detecting accidental video file deletion or corruption problems that are related to low battery status, then it is highly advised you to format your memory card in proper way. By applying SD card formatting techniques, you can easily eradicate any type of temporary issues occurs on memory card or storage device.
  • You need to check camera’s battery life related notifications. If your camera, smart phone’s battery is not full charged then stops recording videos and turn off your devices.
  • If you are noticing any kind of worst errors when attempt to transfer and copy videos from any electronic device to your computer, you must use genuine mini USB cable or other mini storage device. So, you need to connect the camera to a different USB port on you computer machine.
  • In some conditions, when you try to record high quality video in low battery you detects your devices gets suddenly switched off unintentionally. Then, it is necessary to know that your digital camera or any electronic device is in perfect condition. So, in bad condition, do not try to shoot any type of video.

What is the best and reliable Solution to retrieve deleted WMV files ?

In today’s digitalization world, a lot of online users are facing numerous frustrating issues related to video files gets crashed suddenly, receiving lots of error messages while attempting to play video, video files gets often unresponsive and other worst issues. So, no need to worry because here Video Repair Software is a good and perfect choice for you. It is one of the reliable and powerful video repair utility that supports WMV and multiple formats of video files. This tool has a wide range of features. This type of software can easily solve accidental deletion or corruption of video files or other severe issues. It is designed with advance and sophisticated algorithm by which it can rebuild a new video file. Due to its latest functions, you can easily repair multiple forms of video files at instant time. It scans your video files that gets damaged and lost due to ejection of memory card, hardware failure and other annoying issues. This effective application enables you to preview of the damaged and deleted files after the repairing process. This software has easy, fast and user-friendly interface, so it easily repairs the lost video files in a simple clicks.

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