Easy and Simple Solution To Retrieve deleted ASX Video Files From Hard Drive

ASX Video File

Complete Summary on ASX File Format

ASX is a standard video file which is generally used for storing different multimedia playlists. The term ASX is acronym for Advance Stream Redirector which is mainly designed to point ASF formatted videos and also contains the mixing of audio and video files. Simply, some ASX video files are included on XML syntax and also supports ANSI and Unicode UTF-8 encoding techniques. These related video files mainly stores the complete information about a corresponding media stream.. It is a popular video file which can used by Windows Media Player. Some of the video files are saved as a .asf which is known as an extension of ASF video. This associated multimedia file is mainly designed to create the number of playlists for Windows Media Player. In addition, most of the .asf files are typically referred as Windows Media Meta files that are also listed on the XML syntax.

How To Play ASX files on Windows System ?

There are many default media players to play ASX files, but in some cases, these default players can not play video files on your Windows system. First, you must download the ASX file from the authentic sources online and right click on the file in the Windows Explorer. Now, move the mouse pointer over the Open with option and then choose Windows Media Player. After a few times, if you have terrible problems while playing back ASX files, you must Reinstall Windows Media Codecs. In some cases, your Windows Media Player needs the appropriate codecs and make sure that the codecs are updated to the latest version. In addition, codecs are the important thing that indicates how Windows Media Player can handle a certain number of files. Also, if your ASX files do not run correctly, you must reinstall or update the codec.

To play ASX files, you must open the legitimate ASX file in the notebook. The containers in this video file can point to a remote server, then you can extract the details of the default files. After that, just right click on the file and select the Open with option and then click on Select program. You must locate the Notepad and double-click on the program to open the file. It is important to know that the long text sequence will consist of an Internet URL in the separate marks. Now, copy the URL and then paste it into Windows Media Player. Click Open URL on the File menu. You should keep in mind that if all the contents of the ASX files are available in the online sources, click on Windows Media Player.

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Common reasons about how ASX Video files gets corrupted ?

There are the lists of scenarios and factors which can lead to the deletion of vital ASF video files stored on system. Let’s discuss abut the several factors which has been mentioned below :

  • When you mistakenly delete your all important video files or continuously holds Shift + Del buttons on the device that can lead to the deletion of files.
  • While formatting the hard drive or disk without following appropriate format steps.
  • Due to file corruption problems.
  • When you switch off your your digital device at the time of file-transferring process.
  • Due to long existence of severe threat or harmful malware infections. This is one of the most worst reason which can erase your all important video files.
  • Malfunctions in programs, errors occurs in hardware components and appearance of unexpected errors.
  • While editing the video file into incompatible or unsupported application or tool that can result in huge data loss issues.
  • Malfunctioning in hardware components can lead to the corruption of ASX files.

Apart from mentioning reasons, there are more suspicious factors that can result in the deletion or loss of your important ASX video files. If you are searching efficient solution on how to retrieve your precious files then firstly you must stop storing more files or data on the hard drive otherwise it may make the software recovery process very difficult.

Effective solution to get back the ASX video files from hard disk

Once your vital .asx files gets corrupted or lost then in initial phase you have to follow valid backup of files. But in some ways, you may detect your backup option is not working and manual procedures requires the major technical skills and knowledge, so that without may delay just download and install ASX file recovery software. It is a robust and reliable video recovery software which is designed with prime motive to retrieve your necessary files when you format the hard drive improperly. This powerful application is equipped with sophisticated algorithm or mechanism through which it can deeply scan your deleted video files as well as other numerous formats of media files. It is an unique and legitimate software or tool which has ability to restore ASX files as well as other different variants of video files from formatted hard disk, memory cards, flash card and other portable digital devices. This video retrieval software scans your memory card, hard drive or other external
storage removal drive and shows the previews of all damaged or deleted files after completion of recovering process.

What are the benefits and advantages of ASX File Recovery Program ?

There are the lists of benefits and advantages of ASX Video Recovery Software which helps in restoring all the deleted or lost video files. Some of the features are listed below :

  • It can easily retrieve broke, damaged or formatted video files from the system.
  • With the help of this video recovery utility, it displays the preview of all videos that are recovered in sperate Window.
  • It provides three different scanning options to generate the appropriate results for the restoration of ASX files.
  • This powerful tool is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, server 2003, 7 and other multiple versions.
  • This reliable appliaction usually supports instant recovery from HFSX, NTFS, FAT and HFS+ file systems.free download


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