How To Repair Corrupted, deleted or missing AVI video files in few clicks

Hello everyone, two days back, I was playing AVI video files on my Windows computer. After sometimes, when I decide to transfer my necessary video files from Windows system to pen drive or any external storage device then I suddenly I noticed that there is a power fluctuation issues. Due to these power failure issues my all important AVI files gets broken, corrupted and lost from my digital device. So, if you have any suggestions regarding retrieval of files then please help me. Thanks for your help in advance.

AVI File Format

Complete Overview about AVI File Format

These days, there are numerous format of video files that are easily playable on media players as well as other portable digital devices. AVI is one of the unique format among them which is mainly derived from RIFF (Resource Interchange File format) that divides a file’s details into a single tag. The term ‘RIFF’ is a specific formatted file which is primarily subdivided into two different options such as “mandatory chunks” and one optional chunk.”. In addition, the word AVI is abbreviation for “Audio Video Interleaved” which is named as a multimedia container format produced by Microsoft company in November year 1982. These related video files are also part of video for Windows software.

Being a file container format, many AVI files can easily contain the combination of audio as well as video in an individual file container which enables to synchronizing audio video playback. Like other video formats, it has some audio stream as well as video streams which are presents in separates forms in single file. These files are easily playable on Windows system, iPod, cell phones as well as other digital portable devices. But sometimes, a number of files related to AVI format gets accidentally deleted, damaged and lost from system’s hard drive, external USB drive, flash cards and memory cards. In such conditions, if you don’t have no any proper backup of files then it is very difficult and tough to get back all deleted or lost files.

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Reasons : Lists of worst factors and reasons which are responsible for the deletion of AVI video files

Here are the lists of severe file-loss scenarios or factors which are responsible for accidental deletion of AVI video files from system. Have a look at the scenarios that has been mentioned below :

  • Recording long duration video clips when the storage media or drive is 90 % full.
  • Suddenly unexpected errors occurs in digital camcorder or any portable device at the time of video recording.
  • Due to severe interruption that may block the sharing or transferring of files from digital device to Windows system.While improper formatting of storage media or system partition.
  • Deletion of files using improper formatting may create logical errors can ask you to click on quick format option where plenty of AVI files gets accidentally erased from hard drive. Due to the attacks of spyware or vicious threats.
  • The attack of malware can damage your important files that are stored in Windows system and also eradicates your important AVI videos without giving any alert.

Here, these all above perilous file loss reasons can lead to the deletion of MPEG files that are present in the hard drive of system. In such conditions, if you feel bother and panic then without making any delay, just download MPEG video recovery software from the trusted portals and then install it on your Windows system. It is known as one of the trustworthy and proficient video retrieval application which has ability to get back your damaged, corrupted and disappeared AVI files from your Windows system. Apart from AVI files, this recovery utility can easily recover MPG, MP4 or other several video formats available in numerous online platforms. It uses sophisticated algorithm or mechanism to retrieve all necessary video files from Windows system hard drive, iPod, memory card, pen drive and other external storage components. Here, one fabulous fact about this application is, this software works completely fine with Windows server, Vista, 7, XP and other multiple versions of Windows operating systems.

Some Basic Instructions To Prevent corruption or loss of AVI Video Files

  • Always check the entire video contents wen you decide to delete or remove AVI files using combination of Shift + Delete/ Delete All buttons in system.
  • You must create extra copy or main proper backup of files on external storage drive.
  • You should avoid downloading files from unidentified or virus infected sites.
  • Do not use incompatible or unsupported storage media like memory card, hard drive.
  • You should use legitimate and full activated version of anti-virus application of files stored on Windows OS.

Detailed Methods about how to get back deleted AVI video files using AVI Video Recovery Software

There are the several steps which helps you to retrieve your all important MPEG files that are accidentally deleted, broken or lost from the system and portable hard drive. Have a look at the steps which has been mentioned below :

  • In first step, you have to search AVI Video Recovery Software or Tool, download and install on your Windows computer.
  • After installation, you must select hard drive location from where you need to recover the deleted files.
  • Click on Lost Video Recovery option that allows to bring damaged or missing AVI video files from your Windows system.
  • After that, this application displays the all selected partition or drives that are listed in the left side of screen.
  • Click on Next button and move to Scan button which locates your lost files and starts scanning deeply. Wait for a few minutes until the scanning process gets finished.
  • Well, when the scanning process gets over without making delay, mark the all files related with AVI format and move to Save button.
  • At last, after clicking Save button, browse the specific location where you want to save your all important AVI video files on the correct destination of Windows system.

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