Effective Guide To Restore Deleted, Corrupted AJP files in Simple Steps

AJP File

Complete Summary on AJP File Format

AJP is a kind of video file format which can be used in AJP player program. It is abbreviated for Alphacam Water Jet post known as a leading video format used for effective CAD tool or application for other software related industry. Some of the Alphacam player specially creates a huge amount of AJP videos and these related files are designed with sole purpose to create special backup. It usually works at main time when you creates backup of precious videos from JPEG 2000 DVR, DVD or other USB thumb drive. In simple terms, it is a free application and it is regarded as another product of jpeg2000. It is mainly developed to watch the online as well as offline videos.

In addition, .AJP is an extension name of AJP videos that are associated with legitimate Alphacam player. With the help of JPEG2000 DVR, CD or other USB Thumb Drive, you can easily create the backup of videos. These files can be easily created into additional files with an .ajp extension. You can freely load this file format in the particular video player program specially used to view watch the videos that are listed in the single file. This file format is developed for specially manfacturer industry for DVR Close Circuit Television which is commonly named as ‘CCTV’.

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Common reasons for accidental deletion or corruption of AJP videos

In some cases, many users faces a bunch of undesirable errors states that how videos gets deleted, damaged and disappeared. There are the several reasons which are accountable for deletion or corruption AJP files.

  • When the videos are not compatible with video player.
  • Due to video codec issues
  • When your .ajp files are affected with malicious program and vicious infections. This is the main issue that can destroy your personal video files.
  • Switch off the camera or any portable device while the file transferring process is running mode.
  • File header interruption occurs during file-transferring process.

Lists of several symptoms that are closely related with AJP files

  • Once your AJP videos got corrupted or missing, you cannot open the files properly.
  • The certain links of AJP videos are placed in registry entries.
  • When the programs or software are installed in decent way.
  • In some cases, the video files that are being opened suddenly affected with unreliable threats and other harmful virus infections.
  • When the system does not provide any space to store AJP files that are actually out of dated or pirated.
  • While the internal driver applications are mainly used by system completely out of dated.
  • There are the lists of OS platforms that usually supports AJP file format
  • These days, many computer and mobile users have reported that this type of video file can easily compatible with numerous operating systems including Windows Server
    2003, 2008, 2012, Windows 7, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, iOS, Android OS and many others.
  • In the long existence of errors related with damaged .ajp files, you might be face frequent system crash, internal program malfunction issues and so others.


What are secure tips that helps to avoid errors and also prevent corruption of .AJP files ?

There are lots of secure steps that helps out to avoid severe errors and prevents the deletion of .AJP videos, some of the points are mentioned below :

  • If you are using Android based phones or different models of cameras then firstly you must sure that you must keep another backup of file in separate folder.
  • To avoid the errors, you need to take out and change the battery of camera or phones, switch off the device in proper manner that can assist you to stop the video loss
  • Do not use virus infected memory cards or different types of storage devices. Well if you use any of them then suddenly your previous AJP related videos gets overwrite
    and then you cannot get back your erased items.
  • If you use Delete All / Shift+Del button on camera then you must stop using it, otherwise the transferring of photos are suddenly blocked.
  • Do not try to take out the storage device like SD card that consists video files. If you take out the card without following eject option then your all kinds of videos
    are prone to video – corruption problems.


Best and amazing solution for recovering AJP videos from device

In today’s digital life, most of the computer users are receiving the unwanted errors linked with corrupted .ajp files or data. In order to stop these unreliable errors and video-corruption problems, the team of security experts have developed a special Video Recovery software which is available in both trial and full activated version. In simple terms, the highlight point about this application is, you can freely repair deleted, missing and lost videos. Likewise other applications, this preferred software or tool does not requires additional technical skills to get back lost components. It uses advance scanning engine or mechanism through it can easily get back your damaged, corrupted videos from camera, cell phones as well as Windows computers completely. It is safe, secure, user-friendly and proficient application which supports quick recovery process and easily compatibles with multiple version of Windows operating systems. This software instantly scans your memory card, hard drives or other storage drives and generates the wide range of recovered videos as well as other files. You can identify the preview of file details and finally recover them at your specified location. This type of powerful software is usually available on numerous software portals, so that you can easily install on your Windows system and use it for .ajp video recovery purposes. It is highly capable to restore the precious videos and keep them in a secure and desired location.

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