Easiest Methods To Restore Deleted 3G2 video files Completely

Have you detected your all valuable 3g2 video files gets accidentally corrupted, damaged ? Have you faced a number of fake error messages while playing videos and movies on devices ? Does these video loss happens due to accidentally deletion or other annoying reasons ? Are you not able to get back your precious videos with the help of valid backup ? So, if you are looking for easy solution regarding avoiding fixing video-corruption problems, go through the following blog post. This below post consists step by step guidelines that helps in recovering lost 3g2 video files easily.

What is 3G2 Video format ?

3G2 is considered as a kind of video file which can easily saved in an audio as well as video files. This specific video file type is produced by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2(3GPP2). It usually works as an audio and video container format which is specially designed for transferring lots of digital files between mobile communications. This multimedia file format can be used on 3G compatible smart phones and also used in Windows based computers. It uses the .3G2 extension to save all types of videos. So, the downloaded videos can easily save with .3G2 extension. Some team experts have reported that it is known as multimedia file format which is mainly developed for CDMA-based cell phones. These days, 3G2 videos are gaining very popularity because it is highly capable of holding subtitles, videos as well as audios that includes metadata details. In addition, these video files employs MPEG-4 Part 2 and MPEG-4 part 10 to store video streams and also store audio streams such as AMR-NB, AMR-WB+, He-AAC, AAC-LC and many others.

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Lists of common scenarios that are accountable for 3G2-video corruption problems

  • Due to program malfunctions or other hardware-failure problems that results in deletion of 3G2 files.
  • If any hardware peripheral is not working in proper way then it is very difficult to keep secure the files. Them, your all valuable 3g2 videos are in corruption situation.
  • The presence of harmful virus threats can destroy your video files and make them entirely inaccessible.
  • Due to drag down of internet connectivity, improper shut down and other power surge issues.
  • When you attempt to edit the software without using robust application then it might be lead your videos in data-loss problems.
  • Formatting of storage drives unintentionally. When the corruption issues occurs in memory card, hard drives or other storage devices then it urges you to format the drive. Once the storage devices gets formatted without following any process, your entire files gets suddenly erased and lost.
  • When you attempt to empty the recycle bin folder by pressing Shift+Del keys by mistake then your all valuable 3g2 video files are deleted and damaged for a long time.
  • When you remove the storage media like SD card from camera or other portable devices without reading eject message. So, if you plug-in the storage media improperly
    then there is some interruption occurs that slow the file transferring process.

On the other sides, these above scenarios has explained that how and why your 3g2 video files gets deleted or damaged. But no need to get worry because here is an essential video file recovery tool which is specially designed for preventing video- deletion and also recovering precious videos.

What are the advantages of Video Recovery tool or application ?

  • This effective utility is mainly designed to get back damaged, corrupted or lost 3g2 video files stored on storage devices.
  • It supports secure, user-friendly and intuitive interface, so it is very simple to use all users.
  • It is programmed with advance or sophisticated algorithm to support quick video recoveries.
  • This application or tool enables you to see the preview of all recovered videos to make sure that video corruption issues are fixed.
  • This software is safe, secure and legitimate, so it is compatible with numerous versions of Windows as well as Mac OS platforms.
  • Due to its simple interface, it instantly repairs lots of corrupted video files and other formats of videos.
  • It doesn’t requires any technical skills, so technical or non-technical users can easily solve video-deletion issues.


Effective steps to get back deleted, damaged or lost 3G2 video files

There are the following steps that allows you to retrieve deleted, damaged and lost 3g2 videos from devices. Don’t waste your time and just read the given procedures to resolve your video-loss problems :

  • Step 1. Firstly, you have to download the video recovery software from any authentic sites. Once the software is downloaded then install it on your system and click on
    set up icon.
  • Step 2. Once the program is installed successfully, in first you need to select Recover Video option from the main screen.
  • Step 3. now, select Add File that represents the deleted videos. You will see the a small file dialog box in which you need to click on browse option to add more
    videos. Click on Repair button.
  • Step 4. After clicking Repair button, it begins scanning process for selected files. If you want to stop the process then simply click on Stop button.
  • Step 5. When the video repairing process is finished, a notification will appear with a small dialog box. You can see the preview of repaired files.

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