Effective Guide To Restore Deleted, Missing or Lost MPEG-4 Files From DSLR Cameras

MPEG File format

What is MPEG File format ?

MPEG is a kind of video format which has been developed by Moving Picture Experts Group. In short term, it is considered as MPG video which can easily played on cell phones, smart phone, media players as well as other Windows computers. It is a digital video format which supports four different compression videos such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-3 and MPEG-4. In most ways, this standard video file format is mainly used in streaming videos, video advertisements and other online sources. These days, most of the DSLR cameras and Camcorders supports MPEG-4 for shooting long-length videos. These devices saves these related videos in .mpeg format which is regarded as extension name of MPEG-4. Likewise other video files, these related videos gets accidentally corrupted , deleted from the digital cameras due to numerous worst reasons.

What are the common reasons behind the MPEG video corruption or deletion ?

  • When you shut down the system during transferring your MPEG-4 videos from external storage drive to system.
  • Ejection of memory card from camera in improper way then there may be chances for loss or deletion of videos from camera.
  • While playing mpeg- videos on incompatible or unsupported media players that can destroy your all files stored on SD card.
  • When you play MPEG-4 video on unsupported media player then you notices your all important MPEG-4 videos gets deleted, damaged.
  • While copying or sharing of MPEG files from external storage media to computer, you may detect unexpected error that can result in deletion of video files.
  • When you use unsupported media player to play MPEG-4 video files.
  • Due to presence of virus attacks, spyware or other unwanted programs that can make memory card entirely inaccessible.

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Lists of unexpected errors when you access MPEG-4 video files

There are the several undesirable error messages that continuously appears on camera’s screen while playing MPEG-4 videos on media players. Some of the messages has been classified below :

  • xyz.mgeg file does not found.
  • An unexpected video occurred. Unable to open the video file.
  • A lot of unrelated errors occurs in memory card.
  • Selected video file is suddenly infected.

Effective tips to Prevent corruption of MPEG-4 video files manually.

There are the lists of some common points that helps to prevents the corruption of your mpeg-4 videos. Some of the points are classified below :

  • When video corruption occurs at the moment, it is not possible to avoid it, but there are some steps you can take when it happens again in the future.
  • If you are noticing damaging of video files that are not related to the battery that is running low, it is always recommended to perform a SD card format as soon as possible. Doing so will eliminate any temporary problems with the SD card that may be contributing to corruption problems.
  • Always pay attention to the battery life indicator of the camera. If the battery is in recharge mode, stop any recording that is in progress and simply turn off your camera.
  • If you notice any kind of error when transferring or copying videos from any device to your computer, try using a different mini USB cable or try to connect the camera to a different USB slot on your computer.
  • While recording a video, your camera shuts down unexpectedly and causes damage to the video, there may be a problem with your camera‚Äôs hardware. In such a situation, always make sure that the camera is in perfect condition when you are going to record a video.

Best Solutions To Get back Deleted or lost MPEG videos

In most cases, the camera users are encountering the unrelated error messages that continuously prompt up on the main screen. These messages are really very frustrating indicates that your all important MPEG-4 video files are deleted, corrupted and lost very badly. In such situations, you need to use MPEG-4 video repair tool which is mainly designed to repair corrupted videos and also fixes video errors. It is known as a read-only software which is used to fixes your damaged videos without changing the legitimate file. This type of recovery utility is programmed with sophisticated scanning algorithm which is highly capable of scanning your lost files and also resolves the audio as well as video streams. The video recovery software does not change or destroy the video file and repair media players in easiest way.

Restoration of MPEG-4 videos : Complete Instructions to get back or deleted MPEG-4 videos from Digital Camcorders

  • First of all, search the license version of software and download it from other trustworthy sources. Wait for a moments until the application is installed on the system.
  • Well, when the MPEG-4 file recovery software is installed on your system then run it on your system.
  • Select the Recover Video from the main screen and choose the files which you want to restore.
  • After, select the drive location where the files gets lost. Find the scan button and click on it to initiate scanning process. The scanning process will scan your
    videos and recovers at your exact location.
  • If you wish to decrease the scanning time and and restore your all deleted MPEG-4 videos.
  • When the progress of scanning gets over, the tool will preview the all valuable video files and save them at your specified location.

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