Fix and recover corrupt MOV Video Files on Windows & Mac with Stellar Phoenix MOV Repair Tool

Are you unable to play MOV files on computer? Is your MOV files damaged or broken and giving error when accessed? If these holds true then the easy solution to get over all those issues is possible with the help of Stellar Phoenix MOV Repair Tool.

MOV from Apple is one of the common multimedia container video file format which uses MPEG-4 codec in order to compress files. This very video format is compatible with both Windows as well as Macintosh computer. The specialty of the file is that it can contain multiple tracks and save number of media data and in present times is one of the widely used formats to save movies, videos etc. Along with video, audios, text tracks, titles, timecode and can be stored and synchronized together and played on the supported media player. Additionally certain HD camera as well as CCTV device also captures videos in this very format itself. This well reveals the importance of MOV files and is thus likely to pose hindrance in users work if for any reason it gets damaged or becomes inaccessible and there arises the need to fix corrupt MOV vape

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Some common causes that lead to corruption in MOV videos are listed below–

  • Using incompatible or corrupt application to play videos
  • Interrupted read-write or file transfer process
  • Large sized file
  • Improper editing
  • Downloading broken or damaged file
  • Hard drive failure or so

Guide to Fix & Recover Damaged or Broken MOV  Video

Whatsoever may be the reason behind issues as such, there is the outright need to repair damaged MOV file efficiently so that it can be used back as required. Updating application or using the right program for running may help in fixing the problem but in cases the file is damaged the only efficient solution that comes for your rescue if the advanced Stellar MOV Recovery Software that is designed to be compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP to name a few & Mac OS X Sierra, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 etc both.

How to use Stellar MOV repair Tool on Windows PC?

Step 1- To begin with the process of repair it is first of all required to download the software and you can do it right here. Once you are done with its installation, launch the program from the icon that corresponds to it. The main interface contains an option as ‘repair video’, click that button.

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Step 2 – Then click the + button present on the video repair screen

Step 3- Click on the ‘preview’ button to see the preview of the files before repairing process.

Step 4 – To begin the repairing process, you need to click on ‘Repair’ button.

Step 5 – The files selected for recovery can be seen as preview.

Step 6 – This can be repeated for as many files to be repaired and saving it thereof.

Step 7- A confirmation message is also displayed regarding completion of the process and the location from where the repaired files could be accessed.

With these the damaged MOV videos get fixed and become usable once again.

How to use Stellar MOV recovery Software on Mac System?

Step 1 – Launch the application from the icon shown for the newly installed program.

Step 2 –Browse and select the file to be repaired.

Step 3 – Click on repair button to initiate the process of fix and recovery of corrupt MOV videos

Step 4 – A message will be displayed once the repair task is completed and the file is now available to be accessed readily.

So just free download MOV Repair Tool to get rid of issues with the videos and restore it in accessible form thereafter. It restores the videos in its original quality with title and tracks intact which is free from further problems and can be edited and played as and when required.









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