Restore MOV Files Easily After CRC Error Corruption

What is CRC Error? Whenever i try to open my MOV files then it appears on the screen. I don’t want to lose the files as they are extremely precious for me. Is it possible to recover the damaged or corrupted files? Can you please help me to restore the MOV files? All the suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

MOV is a file format which is designed for QuickTime Media Player by the Apple Inc. However, it is also compatible with different versions of Windows based PC also. These files use .mov extension and can be played, edit, record using the QuickTime. But sometimes, user gets CRC error when they try to open the MOV files. The main reason behind the error is damage or corruption of the file. It happens when there is any bad sector in the storage device where you have stored the MOV files. Another reason responsible for the error is any kind of noise gets induced while the transmission of the videos.

Troubleshoot MOV File after QuickTime 2048 Error

What is MOV file?

MOV is a common video file format which is introduced by Apple Inc. It is mainly used in Mac OS, but you can also use this video file in Windows based system. This file can be played on both systems through QuickTime player. MOV files are also mention as QuickTime MOV files and are easy to play.

About QuickTime 2048 Error

Sometime, you can play video files using QuickTime player and it may encounter an error message like Error-2048. According to error message, it states that the file you open in QuickTime player is not understood by it. This message is only displayed on the screen when your MOV files are corrupted. It may also cause due to the corruption of QuickTime player. So, you are suggested to reinstall the program to playing the MOV videos and recover your lost file with the help of MOV Recovery tool.

How to Recover Deleted MOV files from SD Card

About MOV Files

MOV is a video file format which is used in Apple Operating system, but you can also play this file in Windows Operating System. It uses MPEG-4 codec in order to compress files. It works with all type of multimedia file that contains animation, video, graphics, 3D videos, virtual reality content and much more data type. The main benefit of MOV files is that they can store multiple video and audio tracks independent of each other.

SD cards are very popular devices and are widely used storage media devices. It is used for various mobile phones, smart phones, digital cameras, camcorders, tablets and other devices. As we know, SD cards are used to store media files such as videos, photos, mp3s, document files and other data. Therefore, there are many situations that lead to data loss from the SD card. Sometime MOV file saved in SD card getting corrupted or deleted due to some issue.

Complete Tutorial Guidelines To Restore MPEG Files Of Android Phone After Corruption Of Memory Card

Android is a Linux based operating system which is generally used in smartphones. There are many gadgets which support Android OS. It is one of best and popular due to its interface and features. The Android phone comes with wide range of functions like high mega pixel camera, Internet, Multimedia etc. You can store all the files in a SD card which is available in various sizes. When  you connect your phone to internet, then there is chance to get virus infection. Virus can make your card severely damaged and makes your file inaccessible. If you are facing this problem, then go through the post where you will get instant and perfect solution to your problem.

Recover 3GP Files From HTC Mobile After Memory Card Parameter Error

HTC is a Taiwanese company which manufactures a wide range of cell phones. HTC phone supports Android Operating System. It is known for its superior quality and stylish look in the world. It satisfies the needs of the user with its exhaustive features and functions. You can also store lots of files, photos and videos in your phone. It supports various format of videos like 3GP, MP4, AVI etc. Sometimes when user wants to open any video of memory card, they are interrupted with an error messages “Memory Card Parameter Error”. It can happen due to corrupted memory card of phone. There are lots of reason for such error messages which are given below:-

  • Memory card not initialised properly.
  • Corruption of the card.
  • Due to faulty memory card.
  • Improper formatting of the card.
  • Corruption of disk structure of the card.

Recover Lost Videos- iPhone MP4 Video Recovery On Mac After Factory Restore Operation

iPhone is the most advanced phone which is becoming popular across the world. It supports several features and allows you to store huge amount of files and data. It also provides Multimedia function which helps you to store Audio, Video or image files. Sometimes iPhone gets attacked by virus and many of the important file becomes inaccessible. In such case, you can install fresh Operating System with Factory Restore Operation. It is like reformatting the drive to make it safe from virus.

Easiest Technique To Restore AVI Files from Virus Infected Blackberry Mobile on Windows 7

Blackberry phones is one of the best and foremost brand which is manufactured by a canadian Research In Motion company. Due to its high quality appearance, it had gained popularity in very less time. It is inbuilt with softwares which provides access to internet, phone calls and other services. It is also equipped with multimedia features like media player, camera etc. Using its camera, you can easily capture images and videos. It uses AVI format to store video files. It is a video file which stand for Audio Video Interleave that contains both Audio and video and bears a extension .avi.

Video Recovery From Samsung Mobile After Interrupted Read/Write Operation

Samsung is one of the largest mobile manufacturing company which offers a wide range of smartphones with advance features. It is equipped with upgraded technology and supports multimedia functions. Using its camera, you can easily capture the pictures and videos of your glorious moments and refresh memories later. You can also transfer these files to your system and keep it safe always. But sometimes it happens when user copies the videos in their system files gets deleted accidentally. The main reasons behind it may be interrupted Read/Write operation. It is very important to recover virus infected videos of blackberry and other smartphones. When you open such files, you will receive an error message. Some of the common error messages are mentioned below:-

  • Memory card parameter error.
  • File does not found.
  • Read/Write Error.
  • Card does not initialised properly.
  • Memory card locked.

Nokia 3GP Video Recovery- Learn The Tutorial To Get Back Videos After Cut Operation

Now-a-days Nokia phones are not used for only making calls or sending and receiving messages. It uses symbian Operating system and provides high storage capacity. It allows several advanced features of internet, camera etc. It allows you to capture images and videos of your glorious time. 3GP is a multimedia video format which makes the video smaller that is globally used in mobile phones. You can easily transfer your 3GP videos of nokia to your computer using USB device or bluetooth feature.

Cell Phone Video Recovery- Complete Tutorial Guidelines To Restore Deleted Videos

cell phoneCell phones is used for communication but now-a-days it supports several advanced features which had increased its popularity. In todays market, you can see many smart phones which is inbuilt with high mega pixel camera, supports multimedia, internet and many more. Using its camera, you can capture the photos and videos of glorious moments and refresh the memories later. All the files are stored in SD card which comes in various sizes ranging from 1 GB to 64 GB and more. Sometimes deleted mov recovery from  SD card can be required and the data loss may happend due to unwanted reasons like intended formatting, virus infection or pressing Shift+Del button your important videos or files gets deleted.

It can cause heavy problem and loss to your work and memories also. It is always recommended to the users to create back up copy of the important files. It will help you in data loss situation and you can easily restore the lost files in few minutes. But can you imagine the situation you have lost your 3GP video file from Nokia phone and you don’t have any backup then how will you get it back? If you don’t have any idea then no need to panic. You will be glad to know that it is possible to recover permanently deleted files if you take some steps after deletion of the video or file.